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Summer Melancholy by Elena Hristova-Elenhen

Summer Melancholy by Elena Hristova-Elenhen.

That’s one of my favorites photoshoots ever! I know Ivayla from our photoshoots with her and her classmates. We made incredible photo albums for them with lots of nice photographs. They were just finishing high school and the album was a good memory that will last forever.

The thing I like about Ivayla the most was that she is always so natural and with no make up, no false hair or nails. And really beautiful! I love her melancholic eyes and natural look all the time.

For that photoshoot we went to one of the most impressing places in the north of the Black sea – Rusalka. It was closed for free visits for many years and now it’s open again. There are high rocks around the beach so the sun was gone earlier than we expected. Even just for half un hour we took amazing photographs that will keep the memories for that place and this moments forever.

In fact that’s what I love about photography – it’s like some kind of a time travel or regression. After a couple of years you almost forget who you were, how you’ve been looking, the fire in your young eyes. And then you look at your captured memories, smiles, faces and you know you are all that and much more now.

Now it’s autumn here and I love to go back to this melancholic summer sunset filled with so much compassion.

I’m leaving you with that photo story.

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