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Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019. Hi guys! That is my first blog for 2019. Above all, it is something special and I want to share some special moments with you.

Plovdiv is a bulgarian city that I totally adore! In fact, for me it is the place where every dream comes true. In other words, there is some very special energy in it. Or it is because of the different ancient cultures on its ground. Can be because of the spirits and ghosts mixed there. Maybe all of the past cultures have left not only the material marks of their existence, but something unmaterial. Some kind of energy and magic.

It gives power, inspiration and a feeling that you are part of something bigger. Something out of this world. Something that is more than imagination and words could tell. Above all, that kind of magic inspires so many artist from Plovdiv – poets, painters, musicians who produce many art pieces and the whole city is floated of art. You can see it everywhere around the city – in the uncountable galleries and art spaces, on the streets, theaters, museums an bookstores.

In fact, I remember the moment, a couple of years ago, when we received the news that Plovdiv will be Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019.

It was such a happy moment for us, as we have won the World Cup for football! However, many things have changed since than. Now Plovdiv has an art district  – KAPANA, many festivals for young people and a lot of new projects to involve people in art and causes that will make the city a better place for living and tourists.

In addition, the opening weekend and ceremony where amazing! We visited a lot of places, galleries, concerts and events. In addition, there is a lot more to be shown, but we did as much as possible. I am very happy that I was a part of all this and I want to show you how beautiful life can be when we are together.

In conclusion, I am leaving you with the gallery.

Big love and inspiration!

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